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Theory Harmony 1

Prerequisite: Fundamentals 3 (or test out)

  1. Writing a bass line

  2. Understanding parallel  5ths and 8ths

  3. Writing a tune

  4. Writing a rhythm to fit words, writing words under a tune, correcting mistakes in word setting

  5. Writing tunes to a given rhythm in simple or compound meters

  6. Understanding accented and unaccented passing notes and auxillary notes

  7. Understanding pentatonic scales in major and minor keys and writing melodies using notes from those scales

Theory Harmony 2

Prerequisite: Theory Fundamentals 3 and Theory Harmony 1 (or test out) 


  1. Understanding blues scales and writing melodies for them

  2. Understanding whole-tone scales and writing melodies for them

  3. Writing 8-bar melody using notes from major, minor, pentatonic, blues, whole-tone, and Aeolian and Dorian mode scales

  4. Writing 3-chord progression with bass line given

  5. Modes – Aeolian and Dorian

Theory Harmony 3

Prerequisite: Theory Fundamentals 4 and Theory Harmony 2 (or test out)

  1. Writing all dorian mode and whole tone scales 

  2. Serialism

  3. Modes – Mixolydian

  4. Harmonisation in the style of J.S. Bach

  5. Modulating a chorale phrase

  6. Chromatic chords

  7. Writing in score of C

  8. Writing serial tone rows and retrogrades

  9. Writing 12-16 bars in length using notes from major, minor, pentatonic major, pentatonic minor, blues, or whole tone scales or using notes from the Aeolian, Dorian, or Mixolydian modes or a serial tone row

Theory Harmony 4

Prerequisite: Theory Harmony 3 (or test out)

  1. Writing an effecting modulation through a pivot chord

  2. Writing passing 6/3 and 6/4

  3. Writing chromatic chords – Neopolitan 6th, augmented 6th chords (Italian, French, German), secondary dominants, borrowed chords from the tonic minor key

  4. Writing suspensions

  5. Harmonizing 2 phrases of a hymn/chorale in an appropriate style (no bass given and a modulation is necessary)

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