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Drawing 1

In this weekly drawing class students will explore various methods of drawing from observation and memory to accurately depict their subject matter. Working on several short exercises and long drawings over multiple sessions, students will start by learning how to translate gesture and proportion of their subjects onto paper. They will progress to study complex still life compositions, portraits, plaster casts, and skeletons. Each class will begin with a short discussion and demonstration on various topics such as form, anatomy, proportion, light etc. After this, students will pay particular attention to how these ideas are used in the drawing process in their own pieces. The course will include projects done in class with studies given as outside work, individual feedback from the instructor, and class critiques. 

Human Sketch

Drawing 2

In this class, students will master the fundamentals of drawing from observation to take their drawing skills to the next level. Class will begin every day will a short demonstration and discussion on various topics of composition, light, form, anatomy, etc. Students will then work to master those particular elements in their pieces in class and out. Projects will include studies from simple to complex still life structures, portraits, plaster casts, skeletons, and fundamentals of anatomy. In addition to work in class, students will be expected to complete a series of assigned studies outside of class as homework. With a firm understanding of the building blocks of drawing, students will move on to draw and create from imagination employing the skills they learned in the beginning of the course. Students will be graded on completion, accuracy, and quality of craftsmanship. 

Human Sketch
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